The Essentials of VitaGlow

VitaGlow is the newest face serum released by Navon Natural Skincare and Cosmetics.  This face serum was strongly influenced by the healing flora and fauna of India.  The name VitaGlow reflects the three main principles behind the formulation of this face serum.

  • VitaGlow Evening Serum contains an enormous amount of vitamins which are found naturally in the cold pressed, unrefined base oils.  Neem oil for example, one of the ingredients in this formula, contains vitamin E.  Vitamin E is essential for clear, healthy, glowing skin  Neem oil also contains carotenoids, high in antioxidant compounds to help reduce the damage from free radicals, plus neem oil contains limonoids and calcium as well.  Neem oil helps to reduce signs of aging and most important of all, neem oil helps to boost collagen, a major component in ensuring that the skin retains a youthful appearance. So Vita is for all of the natural vitamins in the oils which bring vitality and a youthful glow to the skin. 
  • The “V” in Vitaglow also stands for vanilla.  Vanilla essence is a universally loved smell, and is a key ingredient in this serum. The ethereal, divine, even celestial smell of the VitaGlow essential oil blend, induce a relaxed, even a meditative state, allowing our mind/body to relax and release any lingering tension from our busy days. The relaxed state, including muscle relaxation also means that facial muscles relax as well. Reduced facial tension means less wrinkles and a smoother countenance. Not to mention that a skincare product that helps reduce worry and  anxiety is obviously beyond the scope of “normal” skincare products and is obviously an outstanding benefit. The reason why vanilla is universally loved is perhaps due to its high vitamin B content (which are nature’s antidepressants) and it is high in antioxidants which help to protect against free radicals and environmental damage. Needless to say, it is much better for you to get your vanilla fix in a face serum than in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, way less calories and no guilt either. 
  • The word Vita, is the latin word for life.  The Navon Natural products incorporate the idea that glowing skin is an indication ofr vitality and good health. Our skin is our largest organ and deserves to be treated with all the respect that the largest organ deserves (sorry guys, I’m talking about skin here).  Just as we have learned to focus on eating nutritionally healthy ingredients in our diet as a means to maintaining good health, it is important to focus on skincare with healthy ingredients as a means to have healthy looking skin. At Navon Naturals we believe that having healthy beautiful skin is supreme. Beautiful skin is a reflection of our underlying health.  Skincare is more than just beauty care, skincare is self love. Natural skincare means caring for yourself in the best way possible.  Using 100% natural skincare products, with pure ingredients, nourishes your skin and allows your natural beauty to flourish and healthy glow to shine forth.  

VitaGlow is an excellent face serum for normal to dry skin, it is nourishing and relaxing and provides a sense of harmony and serenity.

  • 100% natural
  • Chemical free
  • Vegan