The Reality of the Magic Stick

The Magic Stick is the newest hot product off of the Navon Naturals product line.  Like all of the Navon Natural products the goal is beauty through health.  The belief that using only the best of what nature has to offer will nourish the skin and allow the skin to glow naturally from good health.  

A healthy skin care product is really the same as a healthy diet.  The more vitamins and minerals that you eat, the better you look and feel.  The Magic Stick Undereye Concealer incorporates this idea in it’s 100% percent natural, chemical free product.  The 2 in 1 is for sensitive eyes.  It uses the highest quality base oils which generate healthy eyes and healthy skin.  Cucumber oil is used to reduce puffiness and dark circles.  Hemp oil (cannabis) and carrot oil improve the health of the eyes themselves and the other rich and nourishing oils and butters improve the elasticity of the skin and reduce fine lines.   The palette is created using natural dyes from plants such as cocoa and beetroot with a little bit of mineral mica to give a girl a bit of a shine. 

The Magic Stick 3 in 1 has the bonus of essential oils of cypress and frankincense which contract the blood vessels and increase the circulation.  This minimizes puffiness and dark circles, the eye opens up more and there is an added sparkle as well.  This product can be used together with Magic Stick 2 in 1 or the Light Eyes and Bright Eyes collection.

Keeping cosmetic products healthy is simple, but there is a price to pay.  Unlike your regular, big name cosmetic products the Navon Natural products will not last 8 hours, they last for only 4 hours.  But then again, your typical cosmetic products are only lasting 8 hours because those companies are adding plastics and toxins to preserve color retention.  Yes, there is a trade off, healthy products which will need to be reapplied more frequently or unhealthy products which will last longer but contain legalized toxins that can make you sick.   

Your call.

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