Envisioning Visage

The inspiration for Visage Exfoliating Gel happened, while I was vacationing on the beach.  After spending hours frolicking in the Medittereanean Sea, I thought to myself, my skin is so soft and lovely, wouldn't it be great if it felt like this all the time?

And so like the birth of Venus, the godess of love and beauty, created on a wavelet rising up from the sea, Visage Exfoliating Gel was born.  

Based on the healing properties of the sea, it combines the elements of water, salt, and sea plants.  While the gel base can stand alone as a powerful product, the aromatherapist in me could not but help to add the addition of healing botanicals of the earth.  So, I continued to create, blending in the oils of lemon, eucalyptus, and palma rosa, to cleanse, balance, regenerate, and revive the skin.

 And, so Visage was created, born out of my desire to return to the healing elements of nature, the earth and the sea, recreated in an accessible form, without needing to go on vacation.  Not that vacation is a bad thing. Only at some point we need to return to our lives, but we should always look as if we are on vacation anyway.  

Inspired by a moment of pleasure, brought to you by the elements of nature, this product works well with all skin types, the young, and the not as young, dry skin and oily skin, it is balancing like the sea.  

I hope you will enjoy using it, as much as I enjoyed creating it.  

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