Bria, The Very Beginning

The aromatherapist and the natural healer in me was frustrated.  What is the point of eating healthy when I wind up shmearing chemicals and artificial products all over my face and body.  The time had come for me to create my own healthy, 100% chemical free, nourishing and enriching moisturizers.  

Thus the Bria Glow line was developed and created by me, for myself.  I was a woman aged 42, registering slight hormonal changes, with the beginning of wrinkles forming around my lips, eyes and, forehead.  Using the essential oils to achieve balance, as well as many of the naturally anti-aging oils, I created a product that was amazing.

And, like anything else that is really good in life, others wanted to join.  The change in my skin was remarkable, I literally started to glow.  My friends and neighbors commented and questioned, they asked for me to make the product for them.  They came back and wanted more, because they too had achieved that special glow, the Bria Glow, and they loved it, and they wanted more.  Slowly the word spread, and it was no longer a product sold just to  my friends and neighbors but it became available to you and to others like you.  Nature's abundance packaged up, nicely and neatly, into a pretty little bottle that sits on my vanity.  That simple.  It is there for you, and for me, and for all who wish to enjoy it.  

Bria, the Hebrew word for creation, was our first product, and resulted in the birth of a 100% natural, chemical free, skincare and cosmetics company, Navon Naturals, created by us, for you, so that women the whole world over can glow and enjoy the benefits of truly excellent natural skincare products that make your skin absolutely glow with beauty.